1/ Production of television programs        (Czech Language - Click here)
The biggest part of the Nova Vize team work is the weekly production of TV program for the Czech community living in Canada. Nova Vize is only one Czech TV, broadcasting abroad the borders of the Czech Republic. In Toronto, there are only about 30 nationalities from 120, who have their own TV program. Czech community is included.

The programs mainly inform about the activities of the Czech community in Ontario and other parts of Canada,but often provide also the information  about  cultural and social life in the Czech Republic, which is usually joined with the visit of the Czech representatives in Canada. Nova Vize team search always for interesting and successful personalities with Czech origin living in Canada, also for creative future co-workers.

In the certain period of time the programs used to have the English subtitles, which made the Nova Vize watched by more viewers. The person for this position is also searched, demanded are only good skills in written Czech and English languages. This position is mostly suitable for college or university students.

2/ Production of commercials and infomercials 
Nova Vize team will produce any commercial or infomercial in the length from 15 sec till 5 min, both for self employed managers or big company owners.Everything depends on customer’s demand.

The commercial will be broadcast in Nova Vize program, and the copy will be given to the customer for his own purposes /web site, promo DVD etc./

Nova Vize production successfully made the commercials for:
Czech Aerolines, Transat Canada, Uniglobe Enterprise Travel, Bata Shoe Museum, United Cleaning Services and many others.
Our team can also make the commercial programs for the big companies in the length from 10 till 60 min, where the company achievements, strategies and products can be complexly presented. This type of service suits mostly for the industrial companies. Included are also instructional videos.

Nova Vize team produces also memorabilia videos, from important company events, dinners, balls etc.
It was successfully made for:
Akuna, United Cleaning Services, Edenvale Aerodrome/ 50 min cutting from Annual concert for the employees./

3/ Production of the Family portraits even if you are not the owner of any business ,you still can use our services.

Our team can make your life film portrait for your children and grandchildren. Or if you wish to remember any of your family celebration, like wedding, baby shower, graduation, birthday party, etc., the memorabilia video can be made for you in the length upon your demand. The final product will be given to you on DVD or USB.
4/ Production of the Documentaries
Nova Vize has already produced and successfully broadcast 2 fifty minute long documentaries for the Canadian broadcasting main stream.
- Three Waves /2009/ about Czechoslovakian immigration to Canada in the years 1938, 1948 and 1968
- Theatre Around The Corner /2013/ about the first Czech theatre in Vancouver and his founder Josef Skala
- Nova Vize team is working on new documentary projects and searching for the experts who can apply for the Government financial grant or any other.